Backflow Testing Software

Eliminate the paperwork - and pain - from your backflow testing business with HindSite's backflow testing software. Easily schedule, route, bill and report and make your backflow testing business more productive - and profitable.


Eliminate Paperwork

Your backflow testing business is probably overwhelmed by paperwork. If you’re like a lot of our customers before they installed HindSite, your tester alone is spending at least 10 hours a week completing paperwork. Not only is that a waste of time and money, but paper processes also can lead to inaccuracies when the data needs to be re-entered for your city or water district reports.

HindSite eliminates paperwork in the backflow testing process, enabling your tester to complete more jobs, freeing your office staff to focus on more productive activities, and ultimately making your business more profitable. Simply arm your testers with an inexpensive Android tablet or smartphone, and they’ll be entering notes in the field and sending them to your office – in real time!

Scheduling. Simplified!

If you’re still using paper-based scheduling methods, your office staff is probably pulling their hair out. But not with HindSite. HindSite enables you to store your entire customer database electronically, making it easy for you to schedule tests thanks to drag and drop, color-coded scheduling. It saves time, headaches and delivers a much better customer experience.

Breezy Billing

Do you know how much of your day you are actually billing for? If you’re like most of our customers, it’s probably close to 50%. With HindSite, they’re typically billing for 90% of the day.

Plus, HindSite is a QuickBooks Gold Certified developer, meaning our one-click QuickBooks integration enables you to send all your billing data directly to QuickBooks with a single-click. You’ll be amazed by how easy it is to invoice your customers.

Easy Reporting

Do you find completing the reports required by your city or water district to be a pain? Not with HindSite. Our customers setup assessments – essentially surveys that testers complete at each test site – to collect whatever data is required – the backflow prevention device model, type and size, line pressure, bypass meter readings, test kit model/manufacturer, etc. That data is then delivered electronically to the office and can be easily embedded into a report meeting the specifications required by your city or water district.

Rain One Case Backflow Testing Software Case Study

Goodbye Paper. Hello Profit.

Learn how HindSite helped Rain One grow their customer base by 73%, all while reducing their staff.

“I am now almost 44 years of age and I really wish that I could have been operating with this software when we started, as I would have been that much further ahead in life and business.”

Blair List, President, Rain One, Inc.

Kiss Your Paperwork Goodbye

Watch the demo to see how HindSite can help you better manage your backflow testing business by eliminating tedious paperwork.

Backflow Testing Buyer's Guide

Backflow Testing Software Buyer's Guide

Download this free eBook, Backflow Testing Buyer's Guide, to:

  • Learn how backflow testing software can improve your business
  • Learn how one contractor used it to bill for 90% of his day, instead of 40-50% prior to software
  • Discover 8 things to look for when buying backflow testing software

What else can you do with HindSite's Backflow Testing Software?

Easily Accessible Customer Information

Information about your customers is just a mouse click away. Demographic information, email addresses, phone numbers, location and a lot more are at your fingertips!

Unlimited Custom Fields

Data is power! In addition to standard fields, leverage HindSite's user-defined fields to store just about any piece of data you can imagine.

Complete Customer History

From types of activities to how long it took, from who performed the work to their detailed field notes, the HindSite field service CRM helps you see every detail about every customer activity.

Easy Document Management

Store photos of your work, contracts, proposals - whatever customer documents you have can be stored and accessed in the office or in the field!

Efficient Routing

Reduce windshield time, perform more backflow testing jobs per day and save money on gas! HindSite works with Microsoft MapPoint to help you route your crews as efficiently as possible.

Same Day Billing

Unfortunately, for many businesses, invoicing delays can lead to significant cash flow issues. HindSite solves that problem, working with QuickBooks to enable same-day invoicing.

Productivity Reports

HindSite's time tracking management helps you compare the effectiveness of each of your backflow testers. With it, you can build incentive programs that improve the efficiency - and morale - of your team.

Built-in Checks and Balances

Think of HindSite as double-entry bookkeeping for your entire business. HindSite's Daily Must Dos help you manage incomplete and pending work orders, check the accuracy of your timesheets and easily send your invoices to QuickBooks.