Computer Repair Business Software

HindSite makes managing your computer business easier. From scheduling to invoicing, we make your business more efficient, so you have more profit and more time to enjoy it.

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Reduce Costs. Save Time. Be More Profitable.

Whether it's in-house repair or on-site diagnostics, you need to know exactly what's happening for every service call and on every computer (or server, router, hub, or switch). And you need to track the time, materials, and services provided so you can bill accurately for your work.

Eliminating the paperwork in your computer repair business with HindSite's service business software allows you to be more efficient. It's an old maxim, but a true one: "Time Is Money." Use The HindSite Solution to help you be more productive, generate more profit, and actually have some "time off."

Computer repair business software

Time and Material Tracking that Doesn't Waste Time.

Our mobile software automates time and material tracking on every computer for every customer you have. With individualized history per customer and per unit, you can have the competitive advantage of being able to answer your customers' questions immediately and accurately, every time.

HindSite does this by replacing the clipboard and paper work order with our field service software. It starts with the field. Our solution includes field service software from the start (it's not an add-on!), because we understand the value in good information from the field. Tracking time and materials accurately and in real-time allows you to bill accurately (stop leaving money on the table!) and help you manage field work based on productive time. For the work done in-house, it's the same process: track "shop time" per job, per unit, so you can maintain accurate records. And you're able to track incomplete work, to know why it was incomplete, and when you'll be able to reschedule it.

Schedule Quickly. Respond Quickly.

Our scheduling software allows you to quickly respond to customers and dispatch your technicians, while carefully routing work to reduce travel time and get that extra job or three done each day. All customer information - including unlimited custom fields - is just a click away, so you can spend less time on the phone and be more efficient.

Bill in Minutes. Not Hours.

Invoicing becomes easier too, and takes less time. HindSite uses information captured on each work order in the field or in the shop to make billing 100% paperless. You can also set up recurring invoices for maintenance contracts to run automatically. Our QuickBooks interface, or our Sage Peachtree and Simply Accounting interfaces, make invoicing happen regularly and quickly. No more double entry, no more mistakes that go uncorrected due to paperwork.