Electrical Business Software

HindSite makes it easy to manage your electrical business. From schedulng to invoicing, we make your business more efficient and more profitable.

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Reduce Costs. Save Time. Be More Profitable.

It's always about time. Some days it's just having enough time to wear all the hats it takes to run your business. Some days it's about making sure your business is staying productive, on-target for the bid. But it always comes down to being more efficient.

The HindSite Solution helps your electrical business run more efficiently - reducing cost and wasted time - by eliminating your paperwork. Now you're using a single system designed to manage everything: customer management (or CRM), scheduling and routing, estimating, time tracking, job management, and invoicing with QuickBooks® or Sage Peachtree®.

electrical business software

Build Professional Estimates. Fast!

Start with the estimates. We make them simple and fast, running on your mobile device or laptop. Take pictures, make notes, build the pick list, plan labor hours, and come to a final bid. Then send it to QuickBooks as well. When the job is accepted, your crews use easy field data collection to track materials, time, and enter jobsite notes. You know exactly where you stand on every job, and can easily compare figures on bid vs. actual.

Spend More Time on the Job. And Less Time Behind a Windshield.

When it comes to scheduling work orders or service calls, HindSite is fast and easy. Drag'n'drop appointment and integrated customer notes make each phone call shorter. Your office manager can even see unlimited custom fields, so they know everything about this customer, from how they found you, to what their system is like, to what happened on the last visit. Scheduling also integrates with Microsoft MapPoint® to route every day: spend more time on more jobs, and spend less money driving around town.

Data at Your Electricians' Fingertips.

Every work order is sent to an electrician's mobile device, a smartphone or truck-mounted laptop. Electricians can view maps, job notes, expected time, and the same custom fields that the office manager has access to - they can even update them in the field, keeping your records accurate. HindSite automates the time tracking, records materials used, and allows the tech to enter any notes about the work, and even collect signatures.

Bill in Minutes. Not Hours.

When your electricians sync with the office, incomplete work gets rescheduled right away, and completed work is billed - right away! Same day and next day billing means faster, more even cash flow. Accurate invoices from the field techs mean more profit for your business. You're actually billing for all the time and materials on every job, and there is no paperwork involved.

Eliminating the paperwork in your electrical business with HindSite allows you to be more efficient. It's an old maxim, but a true one: "Time Is Money." Use The HindSite Solution to help you be more productive, generate more profit, and actually have some "time off." HindSite truly is service management software for the electrical industry