Field Service Sales

Sell Faster. Sell Smarter.

HindSite's Sales Manager delivers the information you need to understand your sales pipeline so you can sell faster and smarter.



Visualize Your Sales Pipeline.

sales funnel

Monitor your Pipeline

Our sales scorecard delivers the information you need to better understand your sales pipeline.

close percentage

Know Your Close Rate

Not only can you compare the effectiveness of your sales reps, but you'll be able to better gauge how many prospects you'll need to meet sales goals.

sales cycle

Understand Your Sales Cycle

See how long, on average, it takes to close a deal by rep, and then motivate them to close business faster.


Access Real-time Goal Reports

How close are you to achieving your sales goals? Real-time goal reporting delivers the information you need to measure and motivate your sales team.

Knowledge is Power.

Watch the demo to see how the information HindSite's Sales Manager delivers can help you improve your sales process.

Sell Smarter.

confirmation email

Improve Win Rates.

Analyze opportunity data - by service, by sales rep, by zip code - to see where you're winning and where you're losing.

reschedule email

Learn From Wins and Losses.

Quickly access a list of recently won or lost estimates and conduct win/loss calls so you can learn from every opportunity.

analyze your marketing tactics

Analyze Your Marketing Tactics.

Quantify which marketing tactics are driving sales so you can spend your marketing dollars wisely.


Improve Your Sales Training.

Learn where your sales reps are strong and weak, then leverage that information to improve your entire team.

Sell Faster.

customer satisfaction survey

Quickly Identify Open Estimates

Filter to see a report of all estimates that have been open for an extended period of time and work to get a yes/no answer.

disqualified sales prospects

Stop Wasting Time on Disqualified Prospects

Move prospects that aren't a good fit to your disqualified pool so you're not wasting time on bad opportunities.


Spend More Time With Your Best Prospects

Why call every open prospect? Leverage Sales Manager to identify your most likely sales and focus your time and energy winning them.


Motivate Your Sales Reps to Achieve Goals

Real-time sales goal tracking motivates your reps to sell faster to achieve their quotas.