Goodbye Paper. Hello Growth.

Grasshopper Irrigation was getting buried under a mound of paper. There was too much of it, there was bad data on it, and there wasn't enough time to complete it. Read how they installed HindSite, added 1800 customers and increased revenue by 700% in the next 7 years.

Dennis Hoffman, owner, Grasshopper Irrigation, Inc., to those considering HindSite: ” I could have never managed without HindSite. I have increased sales by over 500K due to the little idioms that used to be left off of work orders before HindSite.”

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Customer Profile

Established in 1989, Grasshopper Irrigation started as strictly a landscaping business. Then, about 15 years ago, Dennis Hoffman, owner of Grasshopper Irrigation, decided to drop his landscaping business cold turkey and get into the irrigation industry.

Grasshopper Irrigation has had a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction since day one. Hoffman believes you get what you pay for, not only with installations but also with staff and equipment. Employing a team of experienced technicians, the irrigation company ensures customers are receiving the system they want, while also benefiting the community by concerning themselves with water conservation.

With customer satisfaction being at the center of Grasshopper’s attention, paperwork always seemed to be the thing that was pushed aside. Hoffman would spend many late nights in the office working on invoicing or trying to figure out what exactly his techs wrote down on the work order out in the field. Many times details of parts used or jobs done would be left off of the work order, meaning the company wasn’t cashing in on all that they could be.

Hoffman finally reached a point where the paperwork was actually hurting the growth and development of his company. A distributor introduced Hoffman to HindSite's irrigation business software, and from the moment David Crary, owner and founder of HindSite, explained that the company could cut their paperwork down to a minimal amount, Hoffman was sold.

The result?

Grasshopper was able to completely eliminate their paperwork (and all of the hassles that came along with it). HindSite handled everything from scheduling and routing all the way to invoicing, which helped the company focus on what was most important to them: customer satisfaction. At present, Grasshopper employs between four and eight technicians. Hoffman has four trucks out in the field with one office person running things behind the scenes.

The Challenge

Paperwork. Plain and simple this was Hoffman’s biggest challenge. There was too much of it, inefficient data on it, and not enough time to complete it.

Grasshopper was using Excel to schedule the techs each day. Their schedules would be printed off and sent out into the field with them. Out in the field, techs were using paper work orders as well, but the office wouldn’t always know what the tech would write on the work order. They may have used an extra part or worked longer than anticipated, and the office would have no idea.

Back in the office, not only was Hoffman dealing with inefficient and incorrect data on the work orders, he also had to complete each paper invoice. This usually meant being stuck in the office until 9 or 10 at night completing the paperwork for each day.

Grasshopper had reached the point where they were ready to grow and needed a solution to eliminate their inefficiencies. Excel just wasn’t cutting it anymore in terms of scheduling, and the paper had to go. Hoffman, while a little intimidated by change, knew it was time to do something different.

“Whether you have 100 customers or 10,000, they can be managed just as easily with HindSite."

Dennis Hoffman, Owner, Grasshopper Irrigation, Inc.

Finding The Solution

A distributor actually suggested HindSite to Hoffman seven years ago. Showing some interest, David Crary, President and Founder of HindSite visited Grasshopper Irrigation and pulled out a portable printer and a PDA. Hoffman’s one question was “Can we print estimates from this?” David answered, “Yes”, and the irrigation owner was sold.

When asked if he had any initial reservations about using HindSite, Hoffman stated, “I really didn’t. It can be scary when setting up the office side and you are transferring all of your data over to one system. Just because that is our entire business. However, we had your developer, Steve, go over everything via phone with our secretary, step by step. That was very reassuring to know that things didn’t go wrong.”

With HindSite, Hoffman realized that in the past his company wasn’t charging the correct amount for parts, material, and labor put in to jobs. “We were not being detailed enough when filling out the paper work orders. Every little nut and bolt was not being accounted for. With HindSite, a job that before was being charged $110 was now up to $120.”

"With HindSite, a job that before was being charged $110 was now up to $120."


Over the summer, Grasshopper’s computers and internet went down. “The whole company was lost without the field service software. The techs were unsure of how to do the paperwork and it just made everything within the company more inconvenient”, said Hoffman.

The biggest selling point of HindSite to Grasshopper was that they would no longer have paperwork. “I don’t stay late doing invoicing anymore. We simply print off the bill and send it out. I get to review what the techs put down out in the field, and as long as everything looks good it gets sent straight to the customer.”

Grasshopper Irrigation has been able to cut costs and time both in the office and out in the field. The office manager was able to go from working 45 hours per week to just 25 hours. In the field, Hoffman was able to actually reduce the size of his crews. He no longer needed as many guys at one location. “The guys are faster and able to get more work done thanks to HindSite.”

Mapping has become Hoffman’s favorite feature of HindSite. “We do turn ons and blow outs, having to send out for about 1,400 customers. Being able to map straight from HindSite simplifies that entire schedule.”

“I saw the opportunity to grow with the software. I could manage my business no matter how many customers I grew to have. Whether you have 100 customers or 10,000, you can manage them all the same and just as easily.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Grew customer base from 200 to over 2,000.
  • Cut time spent on office work in half.
  • Increased revenue by 700% over the course of seven years.