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Lawn Care Software so You Can Run a Tighter Ship

Trust the solution that more than 400 green industry businesses have used to make their businesses more efficient - and profitable. HindSite's lawn care software helps you better manage your contracts, simplifies your scheduling and routing, automates your billing and identifies where you're making money - and where you aren't.

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Never Miss Another Contractual Obligation Again

Managing your lawn care contracts is a pain. First, you need to define the contract parameters. Then, you need to schedule the contract, ensuring that you’re mowing, fertilizing, blowing, mulching, etc. within the parameters of the contract. You don’t want to perform the lawn care services too frequently, or you’ll lose money. And you don’t want to perform the services infrequently, because your customers will be dissatisfied. And let’s not even discuss the pain you feel renewing your lawn care contracts.

HindSite eliminates all of these contract management nightmares. Defining contract parameters is a breeze with HindSite – simply create packages that you can reuse in your contracts. Then, define the frequency of the lawn care – every week, every two weeks, whatever – and mass schedule it. HindSite even has a renew button and mail merge functionality that makes it easy for you to renew your contracts and notify your customers of the terms.

Smart Scheduling

How do you ensure you’ve scheduled all the work in your contracts? Smart scheduling is the key to meeting your contractual requirements. With HindSite, you can schedule everything in advance or schedule on a monthly or weekly basis. You can even automatically schedule based on a predefined recurring schedule. It’s a real time saver.

We know rain days are inevitable. Which is why we’ve made it easy to reschedule an entire day’s worth of jobs. Plus, if additional jobs are based on that days jobs, they can be easily adjusted as well.

Automatic Billing

Billing doesn’t have to be a laborious nightmare. With HindSite, you can setup your billing to occur on a specific date every month. And, since we’re a Gold Certified QuickBooks developer, our QuickBooks integration transfers your billing data with a single mouse click. Your office manager and accountant will love you!

Run a More Profitable Business

Do you know which lawn care contracts are making you money – and which aren’t? HindSite’s reports tell you exactly how you’re doing by comparing your expected income for your contracts to your actual income. Plus, you can look ahead to see what revenue you can expect from your active contracts. It’s a real money-saver that helps you better budget business expenses – and identify unprofitable contracts weighing down your business.

Lawn Maintenance Software Buyer's Guide

Lawn Maintenance Software Buyer's Guide

Download this free eBook, Lawn Maintenance Software Buyer's Guide, to:

  • Learn the qusetions to ask before purchasing
  • How lawn maintenance software can help your business
  • The pros and cons of software
  • And a whole lot more!

What else can you do with HindSite's Lawn Care Software?

Easily Accessible Customer Information

Information about your customers is just a mouse click away. Demographic information, email addresses, phone numbers, location and a lot more are at your fingertips!

Unlimited Custom Fields

Data is power! In addition to standard fields, leverage HindSite's user-defined fields to store just about any piece of data you can imagine.

Complete Customer History

From types of activities to how long it took, from who performed the work to their detailed field notes, the HindSite field service CRM helps you see every detail about every customer activity.

Easy Document Management

Store photos of your work, contracts, proposals - whatever customer documents you have can be stored and accessed in the office or in the field!

Eliminate Paperwork

HindSite makes it easy for your field personnel to record their activity in the field, turning your inefficient paper processes into well-oiled electronic ones.

Efficient Routing

Reduce windshield time, perform more lawn care jobs per day and save money on gas! HindSite works with Microsoft MapPoint to help you route your crews as efficiently as possible.

Built-in Checks and Balances

Think of HindSite as double-entry bookkeeping for your entire lawn care business. HindSite's Daily Must Dos help you manage incomplete and pending work orders, check the accuracy of your timesheets and easily send your invoices to QuickBooks.

One-Click QuickBooks Integration

With HindSite, you can quickly and easily send your work order information to QuickBooks. All it takes is a single mouse click and your data is in QuickBooks, ready to invoice.