Repair Service Software for Mechanical and Appliance Repair Companies

Make managing your repair business easier. Track every repair, from scheduling and dispatch, to field notes, to the final invoice. And do it with ZERO paperwork, to find more time and more profit.

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Reduce Costs. Save Time. Be More Profitable.

Your repair business needs to be as efficient as possible. Whether that's reacting to emergency calls, or routing regular maintenance work, you need a tool in your office to make the service management easier. HindSite can help you do that.

Eliminating the paperwork in your repair service business with HindSite allows you to be more efficient. It's an old maxim, but a true one: "Time Is Money." Use The HindSite Solution to help you be more productive, generate more profit, and actually have some "time off." It's amazing what you'll be able to do when you're not battling the paperwork.

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Schedule Quickly. Respond Quickly.

It all starts with easy and efficient scheduling software in the office. Manage contacts - including work order history on each piece of equipment you've serviced - with unlimited custom fields. Schedule and route work orders and technicians quickly, cutting down on phone time and windshield time, and getting more jobs in each day. Plus HindSite has recurring scheduling, so no jobs are forgotten.

repair service software

Track Everything. Manage Better.

Then track the work. HindSite includes field service software designed to run on your mobile devices, so your technicians can view their schedule, maps, and office notes on each job. Then HindSite automates time tracking, tracks parts that were used, and can even walk technicians through service questionnaires so your office has detailed work notes. You can even track the time you spend on in-house repairs, managing multiple jobs at once.

All that information is synced with the office. You know what happened and when. You know you're billing for all your time and material on each job - even on each appliance - so you're not leaving money on the table. Or you can set up recurring maintenance service billing, so you never have to miss an invoice again.

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Bill in Minutes. Not Hours.

With our QuickBooks interface (also Sage Peachtree and Simply Accounting), invoicing takes just seconds: no paperwork, no double entry, no illegible handwriting. Basically no more costly, time consuming mistakes.

repair service software