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Improve Your Snow Removal Business

How would you like to eliminate billing nightmares, route more efficiently, comply with your contractual requirements and wow your customers? With HindSite, you can eliminate paperwork and turn your snow plowing business into a well-oiled machine.


Eliminate Billing Nightmares

If you’re like most snow plowing businesses, you use a pricing model that includes a mix of flat-rates, time and material and per event rates, each with different snowfall triggers that determine when you will plow a property. Billing for such a complicated system can be a time-consuming hassle.

HindSite eliminates the billing nightmares, giving you the flexibility to setup your billing to match your contracts, and then bill accordingly. You'll bill faster - measured in hours, not weeks - and spend your time growing your business instead of answering customer billing complaints.

Wow Your Customers

You know a single mismanaged snow event can kill a lifelong customer relationship. If you fail to plow a property based on your contractual trigger or if you forget to plow a property entirely, at the very least you've lost some money, and at worst you've lost a customer.

Our system helps you ensure you're managing your contracts effectively and efficiently – from the field or in the office – based on the individual snow removal triggers in every contract. With HindSite, you won’t miss a contractual obligation again. And you won’t have to deal with irate customers who don’t understand why you didn’t plow their property when you should have.

Route Efficiently

You’ve got contracts with varying snow plowing triggers. How do you route your trucks efficiently and only plow the properties you’re contractually obligated to plow?

It’s easy with HindSite. Arm your drivers with a smart device and they can see the contractual requirements and determine whether to plow the customers on their route. Or, you can manage their routes from your command center and deliver the routes to your drivers via their device.

Whatever your choice, you’ll be able to efficiently route your drivers based on your contractual obligations, and save money by only plowing those properties you should be plowing based on the customer's contract.

Protect Your Business

It's been almost five years since you removed snow from a sidewalk, and now you're being hit with a lawsuit. How sure of your paper records are you?

With HindSite, you can easily track what time the driver timed into the job and what time they time out, so you’ll have a complete, accurate paper trail that tells you when the property was cleared of snow and how long it took. If a lawyer - or customer - threatens a lawsuit - you have an easily accessible electronic paper trail.

How Prepared are You to Wow Your Customers?

Watch the demo to see how HindSite can help you better manage your snow removal business and wow your customers.

Resources to Help You Grow Your Snow Removal Business.

Download this free report, 2016 Snow Industry Benchmark Report, to learn what snow industry professionals think about marketing a snow business, their outlook for the future and a whole lot more!

Download this free eBook, Snow Removal Software Buyer's Guide, to learn how snow removal software can improve your business, what questions to ask when buying software, and a whole lot more!

Download this free eBook, 6 Requirements for a Website That Sells, to learn how to turn your plain jane website into a lean, mean, selling machine.

What else can you do with HindSite's Snow Removal Software?

Unlimited Custom Fields

Data is power! In addition to standard fields, leverage HindSite's user-defined fields to store just about any piece of data you can imagine.

Easily Accessible Customer Information

Information about your customers is just a mouse click away. Demographic information, email addresses, phone numbers, location and a lot more are at your fingertips!

Complete Customer History

From types of activities to how long it took, from who performed the work to their detailed field notes, the HindSite field service CRM helps you see every detail about every customer activity.

Easy Document Management

Store photos of your work, contracts, as-built - whatever customer documents you have can be stored and accessed in the office or in the field!

Productivity Reports

HindSite's time tracking management helps you compare the effectiveness of each of your team members. With it, you can build incentive programs that improve the efficiency - and morale - of your team.

Built-in Checks and Balances

Think of HindSite as double-entry bookkeeping for your entire business. HindSite's Daily Must Dos help you manage incomplete and pending work orders, check the accuracy of your timesheets and easily send your invoices to QuickBooks.

Same Day Billing

Unfortunately, for many businesses, invoicing delays can lead to significant cash flow issues. HindSite solves that problem, working with QuickBooks to enable same-day invoicing.

Eliminate Paperwork

HindSite makes it easy for your field personnel to record their activity in the field, turning your inefficient paper processes into well-oiled electronic ones.